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Worship through

When it comes to worship through song, here at WAY Family Church, our top priority is declaring truth. While we enjoy a variety of music genres (you'll find a good blend of traditional hymns and contemporary worship here), our first commitment is always Biblical faithfulness and obedience. What we sing matters. 

Jesus said we are to worship in spirit and in truth (John 4:23). You will find that we keep things simple as we long to keep the focus on our glorious King.

So come, friend, and join us in singing to our Lord - He is worthy of all honor and praise! 

Here's a playlist of the songs we either currently sing or will soon be singing together during Sunday Gatherings.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with them as you listen throughout the week. 


We are a family-oriented church, and worship together every Sunday morning.  For ages five and under, we offer age appropriate Bible teaching and activities in their own classroom. Of course, all ages are welcome and encouraged to participate in the main gathering!

We value having children with us in the service. We believe little hearts can handle the big truths of Scripture.  Jesus welcomed the children to him and we welcome them as well, wiggles and all.  This is their church as much as it is Mom's and Dad's. 

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We're here to make disciples who make disciples. We believe every Christian should be in a discipling relationship, where they are being taught to grow into the likeness of Christ in their everyday life. 

This happens both formally and informally, from one-on-one meetings to simply experiencing and living life together. 

Life is better together.

If you would like to be discipled, we would love to connect you with someone! Just send us a message here.